Last day of January. Had my usual electric guitar lessons on a saturday. the went out with my parents. Went to Kallang Leisure Park, where my father works, my father’s shop is just beside Latendo…

Latendo is also located there, this was actually my first time going there. i wanted to get something there, my father handed me a $50 note. i wanted to get revoltech enki, i asked the shop assistant, and he said that it was sold out. So I did not spend the 50 dollars, never mind then, cause I saw many figures there, figmas, nendroids, gunpla and many more. I will be returning there sooner or later for more…

dgray-manContinued from my previous post “D.gray-man creator also critically ill?

Well, this is good news for us fans. Katsura Hoshino is not critically ill, she is just suffering from a wrist injury and she has recovered quite a bit. (more…)


Notice who’s behind ichigo. Is that senna?