nameless, is this what i want?

Sorry for being so fickle minded, I am really in need of a suitable name, “Dissidia fantasy’ and “Bacchikoi” both seem to have no originally, and they seem to be missing a touch. I need a name with power… any suggestions? However, due to my weak knowledge of japanese, i just can’t seem to think of one.

For now, I will name this blog to be” nameless”.


2009 is here! In the new year, my goal is to watch more anime. For now, I have not decided on my spring anime list of 2009. Well, I have started on Akikan! It’s not bad, I must say, i will stick  on with it for a while. Of course, another wish of mine is for this blog to get better and better. I also want to adopt my own manga drawing style. I hope 2009 will be a better year and world peace! Yup, finished chaos;head and ga-rei:zero. I need to find new anime to watch. Lastly, I hope everyone a successful year ahead. i also hope that my family will have a stable year. I am counting down…

christmas-girl-1It’s Christmas today. Here are some pictures I found and I like.



Very cute pic I found! I like it a lot!

One month already. A milestone for my blog.


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