nameless, is this what i want?

Sorry for being so fickle minded, I am really in need of a suitable name, “Dissidia fantasy’ and “Bacchikoi” both seem to have no originally, and they seem to be missing a touch. I need a name with power… any suggestions? However, due to my weak knowledge of japanese, i just can’t seem to think of one.

For now, I will name this blog to be” nameless”.


2009 is here! In the new year, my goal is to watch more anime. For now, I have not decided on my spring anime list of 2009. Well, I have started on Akikan! It’s not bad, I must say, i will stick  on with it for a while. Of course, another wish of mine is for this blog to get better and better. I also want to adopt my own manga drawing style. I hope 2009 will be a better year and world peace! Yup, finished chaos;head and ga-rei:zero. I need to find new anime to watch. Lastly, I hope everyone a successful year ahead. i also hope that my family will have a stable year. I am counting down…

christmas-girl-1It’s Christmas today. Here are some pictures I found and I like.



Very cute pic I found! I like it a lot!

One month already. A milestone for my blog.


Danny choo interview

Danny choo interview

Danny Choo’s interview in the Straits Times, Urban Section, 28th November 2008.

(Wanted to post this earlier, but due to my stay at the hospital, i had to drag it. But here’s the article.)

Bad article I must say, shame shame shame!

This is my first blog post. Hello everyone!!!

On this very day, I shall start my blog. LoL, i love anime!!!

Today, i did something out of the ordinary. I went to my first anime convention at Suntec city in singapore. It is the Anime Festival Asia 2008, held on the 22 and 23 of November at Suntec city convention halls 403 and 404. It may seem really ordinary to many people (anime fans) but to me, i really had to muster a lot of courage and i have pondered over it for a really long time.

I am an anime lover. YET I need courage too, i had to speak to my mom about it too, so as to get some pocket money. I am just a 14 “teen” year old with little money, i am not able to buy any anime merchandise. This was my only chance, there are so many anime- related things over there. I had to go, and I want to go. In the end, I managed to persuade my mother to give me more money and i felt really thankful.

WELL, first things first, I felt very nervous today morning, because not only would I be going to an anime convention for the first time, I would also be meeting my idol “actar”. As most of you know me as dgraymanime, I won the contest organized by actar. This was where I was supposed to meet him, and he was going to pass me the lancelot figure. I arrived at Suntec at about 12 noon with one friend. We bought the tickets and i took the first step in…

I used the clues that actar gave me (haruhi armband) and scanned the whole area for him. Well, it was not an easy task as the convention hall was so BIG! I walked around in circles and my effort paid off. However, that took me about 10 minutes. I walked up to actar, said ‘hi’ to him and he said “hi” to me too. I told him my identity and we talked for a while, he gave me the prize and i shook his hand. Thank you actar! It was really a honour to meet him, he was a nice guy and i had so many things to learn from him. We even took a photo together. We then parted ways but it was just the beginning of the anime convention.

I walked around with much enthusiasm, i saw many people and many anime- related things. It was heaven for me. Many cosplayers, this was actually my first time getting so close to them. I thought they were really cool and they certainly had the guts.

There were many gundam models there , it did not really matter to me as i do not collect gundam, but i have to admit that gundam models are cool, maybe one day I will start on the series.

I saw revoltech and bought revoltech. I bought the gurren and lazengann , two for 30 dollars. I saw manga and i bought manga, Pokemon adventures volume 28.

I brought a lot of money there and i was hoping to find the revoltech enki there too. I wished that there were more figmas. I really wanted to buy and own one myself.

All in all, an enriching experience for me. I learned a lot more about anime and i can proudly say that i have been to an anime festival and i truly enjoyed it.

unfortunately, i forgot to bring my camera to the AFA 2008. I apologize for the lack of pictures.

The Brochure

The Brochure

my ticket

my ticket