Last day of January. Had my usual electric guitar lessons on a saturday. the went out with my parents. Went to Kallang Leisure Park, where my father works, my father’s shop is just beside Latendo…

Latendo is also located there, this was actually my first time going there. i wanted to get something there, my father handed me a $50 note. i wanted to get revoltech enki, i asked the shop assistant, and he said that it was sold out. So I did not spend the 50 dollars, never mind then, cause I saw many figures there, figmas, nendroids, gunpla and many more. I will be returning there sooner or later for more…

27  January 2009

Today was a busy day, visited 4 places today. Got lots of hongbaos too!!! Back to school tomorrow, back to my normal life again. School Life is so boring, i want an electric guitar, i am getting impatient already… ehh… never mind i was talking nonsense…

Well, I will get back to my usual anime posts tomorrow.


26 January 2009

Did not do much or visit many places today. Only went to my grand parents’ house. Arrived there at about 12 noon, and stayed there till 6pm. Wanted to pay a visit to other relatives and friends, however most of them were not at home. Tomorrow will be a busy day, so many places to visit. Most importantly I want the hongbaos (red packets that contain money)…hahaha…

How I hope that i need not go to school on the 28 of January 2009, the third day of chinese new year, so that we would have more time to celebrate. The celebration seems to end right after school starts, which i hate as the new year celebration should last for 15 days.

Guess what? I was given school homework even for this short festive holidays.

Would you prefer the cow costume

or a traditional chinese dress “cheongsum” “qi pao”?

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of ox officially, the zodiac is according to the chinese calender. I wish everyone a “animoo” year ahead!~^^~ 10 minutes to midnight…

Learnt to play the song today! My electric guitar teacher told us that it was a really classical rock song. I still can’t get the power chords right as well as the positioning of the fingers. So I will practice over and over again at home with my sister’s acoustic guitar. Cause I don’t own an electric guitar for now. My parents say that they would buy one for me after six months, which is in june.

Sunshine of your love by Cream

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