Sanyo Corp will introduce a new battery-assisted bicycle featuring its rechargeable battery technology “eneloop.” (more…)

A number of female junior high school students devote less time to sports activities and exercise in their daily lives than their male counterparts, a survey showed Wednesday, indicating that the basic physical strength of Japanese teens has yet to mark a significant upturn. (more…)



Nice Toradora pic….

This is a continuation of my previous post. Man pleads guilty to killing female neighbor, mutilating body

The suspect in the murder and mutilation of a 23-year-old woman in Tokyo last April apologized Monday for his alleged crime, (more…)


A 14-year-old school girl committed suicide last October after being bullied by her classmates on the Internet in Saitama City, the prefectural education board revealed Monday. According to officials of the education board, the girl hanged herself at her house on the morning of Oct 10.

She left a note in which she said she wished she could get revenge on the classmates (more…)

Funny video on youtube, first came to know of it on danny choo.

How, would you react to this? When a guy goes up to you and says “Bang!”

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