dgray-manContinued from my previous post “D.gray-man creator also critically ill?

Well, this is good news for us fans. Katsura Hoshino is not critically ill, she is just suffering from a wrist injury and she has recovered quite a bit. D.gray-man manga probably will return in April, Although this would mean a few more months without d.gray-man, at least we fans are given an assurance.

Judging from the looks of it, I believe the next season of the “d.gray-man” anime would not be released in the near future, at least within this year. The anime series was brought to a halt, so that it would not catch up to the manga. And now this happens, the manga is in need of more chapters.

Again, wishing the mangaka a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, I need to re-read the whole series, as honestly speaking I have forgotten some of the characters already. More then 2 months without d.gray-man, I am sad…