A number of female junior high school students devote less time to sports activities and exercise in their daily lives than their male counterparts, a survey showed Wednesday, indicating that the basic physical strength of Japanese teens has yet to mark a significant upturn. The nationwide survey, the first of its kind by the education ministry, found that 31% of second-year junior high school girls polled spend less than an hour weekly on sports or exercise, compared to 9% for boys in the same grade.

About 70% of the public schools and 30% of privately run schools across Japan took part in the polls, aimed at fifth-grade elementary school students and second-year junior high students. As many high marks generally came from students engaged in sports for at least two hours a day and three days a week, the ministry noted that doing sports or exercise for more than one hour every day is effective for students to raise their physical strength or fitness levels in addition to attending schools’ physical education classes.

From Japan Today

Do you exercise regularly? For me, when I try to maintain a healthy body. Other the physical education lessons in school, I do some muscle building exercises, such as push ups, pull ups, sit ups and crunches. I want to have a six pack!!!^

Or do you play sports? I know i exercise by watching anime, haha…

And do you think this is worrying, as for me i think it is alright for girls to exercise less, however i would not like to see obese girls.