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This is a continuation of my previous post. Man pleads guilty to killing female neighbor, mutilating body

The suspect in the murder and mutilation of a 23-year-old woman in Tokyo last April apologized Monday for his alleged crime, saying during a hearing at the Tokyo District Court that he ‘‘intends to apologize by accepting the death penalty.’’ While responding to prosecutors’ questions, the defendant, Takanori Hoshijima, 34, said, ‘‘I think it would not amount to anything even if I apologize, but I am really sorry.’’

Asked by a prosecutor to whom he was apologizing, Hoshijima said, ‘‘The bereaved family (sitting in the gallery) behind and to Rurika-san,’’ referring to Rurika Tojo, a company employee who lived two doors down from him on the same floor of an apartment in Koto Ward.

Hoshijima is accused of killing Tojo, mutilating her body and dumping the body parts. He has pleaded guilty. 

From Japan Today

Well, what could i say, at least he repents?! From a man who wanted a sexual slave.