A 14-year-old school girl committed suicide last October after being bullied by her classmates on the Internet in Saitama City, the prefectural education board revealed Monday. According to officials of the education board, the girl hanged herself at her house on the morning of Oct 10.

She left a note in which she said she wished she could get revenge on the classmates who posted insulting messages on her online profile site.

The officials said the girl transferred to a junior high school in the city from Yokohama last June. Her two classmates posted insulting messages about her last July, but later apologized to her, according to board officials. 

The girl’s parents said they first thought their daughter committed suicide because they scolded her on Oct 9 over her test results. They didn’t find the note until November.

The education board officials denied that the cause of the girl’s suicide was bullying.

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The parents blamed themselves, but asked the school not to tell her classmates that she committed suicide.

About two weeks later, the undated suicide note was found in a drawer, saying: “I’m sorry. I am tired of living.”

She also wrote that she hated junior high school and mentioned the name of one of the online bullies when she vowed revenge.

“When we read her suicide note, we realized that she had been in such serious agony,” the parents said in a statement. “Unless we reveal every fact, a similar case will take place again.”

The school interviewed students but did not tell them about the suicide.

The school’s principal told the parents that it was unable to confirm that bullying by the two classmates or others had continued after the apology in July.

The school also said it kept the suicide secret because of the parents’ initial request.

“If we told the students that her death was the result of a suicide, we could cause uneasiness among them,” the principal said.

Were you bullied in school before? For me, I had the experience, cause I am shorter than most of the people of my age, my clasmates tend to pick on me. However, it was never online, what do you think?  Should there be cyber bullying in the first place?