A man pleaded guilty Tuesday to forcing a 23-year-old female neighbor into his apartment in Tokyo to sexually assault and kill her, and mutilate her body in April last year. ‘‘There is nothing incorrect,’’ Takanori Hoshijima, 34, told the Tokyo District Court during the first hearing of his trial on the charges he faces in connection with the murder of Rurika Tojo, a company employee who was living only two doors down from him on the same floor of a housing complex in Koto Ward.

Public prosecutors said the defendant attacked Tojo ‘‘so that he could make her a sexual slave.’’ According to the written indictment, Hoshijima forced Tojo into his apartment with the aim of sexually assaulting her on the night of April 18 and stabbed her to death with a kitchen knife. Between April 19 and May 1, he allegedly mutilated the body with a saw and other tools, flushed some of them down the toilet and dumped others of them in the apartment’s garbage space.

Fragments of Tojo’s bones were found in nearby sewer lines. Police checked Hoshijima’s apartment on April 19, but could not find Tojo.

Hoshijima was first arrested in May on suspicion of breaking into Tojo’s apartment after his fingerprints were detected there.

From Japan Today

‘Nothing Wrong” I can’t believe he said that. he is really inhumane! And flushed down the toilet! Eww..