crossdressA guy?!!

A 55-year-old man dressed up as a woman was arrested on Saturday, accused of stealing goods worth about 3,500 yen from a shop in the Ikebukuro PARCO department store, police said Monday. According to police, Toshikazu Miyoshi was shopping in the Ikebukuro store on Saturday morning wearing make-up, a wig, sunglasses, shoulder pads, a skirt and boots. A female security staff member saw Miyoshi put a hat, a pair of tweezers and a pencil in his pocket, and called out to him as he was about to leave the store without paying for the goods.

Miyoshi fled into the women’s toilets, and the security staff continued to call out to him. Miyoshi then rushed out of the toilets but the security officer caught him by the sleeve. In the scuffle, his coat and wig came off, and Miyoshi ran away. The security officer was not injured and told police she did not know the shoplifter was a man until the wig fell off.

Police found Miyoshi’s cell phone in the pocket of the coat he left behind, and arrested him at his apartment in Nakano Ward about three hours later. Miyoshi had removed the make-up and female attire, and admitted to the theft.

He said: “I like dressing up as a woman, but I didn’t want to get caught like that. It’s embarrassing.”

From Japan today

How ironic when he was actually wearing women’s clothes when he was stealing. [^*] Given away by his own cellphone.