Something about me, I love anime music.  And I only got to know about w-inds after watching Katekyō Hitman Reborn! the ending theme  “ame – ato” which means “after the rain”. Fell in love with the song, the first time I heard it. I decided to look up on the singing group. I looked at their past videos, wow i was surprised. They were so young, just like me. Yet they can sing so well. i was amazed. Since then, i have become a fan!

Their new album and song…

Another thing I like about w-inds is their dancing. Since their first album “Forever memories” , they have been dancing. Each song and dance  leaves a deep impression for us fans. Some of their most famous songs are for example, “Forever memories”, ” Feel the fate”, “Paradox”, “Because of you”, “Love is message”, “Super Lover Tonight”, “love is the Greatest Thing”, “Beautiful life”, “Ameato”. And the new song ” Can’t Get Back” is just as good, they just never disappoint.

As for the members, there is Keita Tachibana, Ryuichi Ogata and Ryohei Chiba. Keita is best at singing, Ryuichi is best at rapping and Ryohei is best at dancing. Everyone in the group has a different role to play.