About 1,000 of 15,000 customers who flocked to an Osaka outlet of McDonald’s Co. (Japan) Tuesday for the Kansai debut of the Quarter Pounder hamburger were found to be part-timers employed at the request of the firm, it has been learned.

As many as 3,000 people formed a line at the firm’s Midosuji Suomachi branch in Chuo Ward, Osaka.

McDonald’s explained that it hired a market research firm to record consumer reaction to the new product, and denied the part-timers were used to help create a strong turnout for the product’s Kansai debut.

Following the request, several employment agencies, including Fullcast Holdings Co., dispatched the part-timers with the explanation that their job was “to appear as extras to purchase a product at a restaurant,” for 1,000 yen per hour plus their purchase at the restaurant.

McDonald’s has announced that the Suomachi branch sales for the day were about 10.02 million yen, which broke a 24-year national record for sales at a single McDonald’s branch.

The firm said the sales report was based on a quick estimate, but the sales had exceeded the previous record of about 7.42 million yen, even if it excluded about 500,000 yen covered by the firm for the part-timers.

From Daily Yomiuri

In Singapore, we don’t call a “Quarter Pounder” by “Quarter Pounder”. We simply just call it a cheese burger. So don’t feel surprised when u can’t find a “Quarter Pounder” in Mcdonalds of Singapore. Other countries also name the “Quarter Pounder” as McRoyal. Interesting news, and surprising that different countries can have different names for the same burger.