KUMAMOTO–The prefectural board of education here on Wednesday fired a 56-year-old male elementary school teacher in Ueki, Kumamoto Prefecture, for fondling a woman on a train more than 11 years ago.

The July 1997 incident aboard a Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co. train in Fukuoka Prefecture came to light after prefectural board of education officials questioned the man about another groping incident in September.

The teacher was arrested in September on suspicion of groping a woman on a Nishi-Nippon Railroad train in Fukuoka Prefecture. He denied wrongdoing and was not indicted.

However, officials learned during their investigation that the teacher had been arrested for the 1997 incident and fined 50,000 yen. He had never reported the arrest.

From Asahi

Amazing, not caught for 11 years and still commiting the same crime. Don’t he learn? He really deserve this, i hate molesters or “gropers”! Should send him to jail instead! I wonder why there are people who still commit these crimes nowadays and why do they choose to do it on the train?