Watched the game live on channel  5, yes singapore lost.

I am sad, I was hoping that Singapore would go on to take on thailand in the final to win the championship.

On the game, unlike the first leg where Vietnam dominated Singapore, Singapore was dominating the second leg. In the first half, there was many chances and I had thought that Singapore would definately defeat Vietnam. Sharil Ishak was brilliant in the first half, creating so many chances.

Then second half came, Singapore still dominated and almost score a goal in the opening minutes. Then, the substitution. Off Agu Casmir, On Indra Sahadn. I felt that this was the wrong decision as Agu is much faster than Indra in terms of pace. Then Off Sharil Ishak, Off Noh Rahman, On Shaiful Esah and On Ismail Yunos . Wrong decision again, Ismail slipped up, made a defensive mistake that gave Vietnam a goal, and knocked out Singapore. Then in the later stage, everyone in the Singapore side were attacking, to grab the equalising goal. I would say Ismail Yunos free throws are really deadly, just like Rory Delap’s throw ins. But Singapore were already done for, lots of chances but no goals frustrating. Precious was even used as a center forward near the end. Final whistle, Singapore 0 Vietnam 1.

My thoughts:

If only John Wilkinson and Aleksandar Duric were there, John Wilkinson will whip in the crosses and Aleksandar Duric will be tall enough to head them in. Then, again, Indra shuld not come on at all, Agu Casmir is better in the air than Indra. Agu is much taller. Then again, I would like to pat Noh Alam Shah on the back and say “Well Done!’, I applaud him for his efforts and tireless runs and shots so as to grab a goal. Overall, I am really sad now…