Maple storyWonder why I did not update my blog yesterday? Here’s the reason why…

It has been more than 7 months since I last played maplestory. Took me a long time to get rid of the addiction. I had already uninstalled the game from my desktop. It was only till yesterday i downloaded the game client again (for the sake of my little cousin), he was here to play the computer games.

I played the game for a while and without knowing, I got addicted again. Although at first I did forget the game controls, but it took me less than a while to figure it all out. Yup, addicted i was! Played 4 hoursd straight yesterday, even now as i am speaking, I had already played maple story for about two hours already. Oh No! I need to get back reality and I need to watch anime! Someone save me!

SO remember guys, never play maple story unless u really have nothing to do. It’s too addicting, so play maplestory for a short while only. Remember this!

Speaking about maplestory, there is a anime on it. Never planned to watch the anime. I will be honest, it looks stupid! Saw the first episode way back, the only thing i like about the anime is the opening sang by Younha.

Do you guys play the game? What’s your view on the game and also the anime?