In the previous post, I had mentioned that my 15th birthday just passed. In singapore, every 15 year old kid have to make an indentification card. I had recieved a letter from the government reminding me to do so, within the period of 6th december to 18th december.

Arrived at the ICA building (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) near Lavender, the whole process of taking a photo and queueing up took only a while.

After everything, my mother and I went shopping for a new school bag for me. We had dinner at AJISEN( a Japanese ramen restaurant). The food was delicious. Went home after that.

My feelings on getting my IC, I would say that I am happy but why am I an adult so soon? My Dad says that after getting an IC, you would be considered an adult already. HATE that, I want to be a teen forever. Time really passes so quickly…