Well, I was very bored. So surfed around the internet, came across this movie. The whole movie is about this class of highschoolers, 42 students are sleep gassed on a bus, then they were taken to this island. When the students away, they find out that all of them are fitted a “bomb”collar around their necks. The rule is simple. It is kill or be killed… There is no escape.

The main character is Shuya Nanahara, who is potrayed by Tatsuya Fujiwara or known as Yagami Light in the Death Note Live Action Films.  So fans of  this actor will want to see the younger him perform in this film.

Shuya tries to protect the girl, Noriko Nakagawa, along with Shogo Kawada- a transfer student and winner of the previous program. Some play the game, among them is beautiful delinquent Mitsuko Souma and cold-blooded killer Kazuo Kiriyama.

Overall, I felt that the film was really inaccurate to the manga and novel, actually i read the whole thing on wikipedia, as i had never really read the novel and manga before. I felt thet the storyline was rushed too much in the movie, i think that with all that storyline, there could be two films.

In conclusion, I think I would want to look at the manga because I read that there is gore, violence and nudity. For that is too much for me.