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The municipal assembly of Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward passed an ordinance Friday banning the feeding of stray cats and other unowned animals effective from next April, the first such local government law. Cats cared for by a community will be exempt from the ban as the restrictions will be based on whether the residents of a community agree that the stray animals are a nuisance.

The ward government would issue an instruction to stop feeding such animals after an inspection of the situation. A fine of up to 50,000 yen may be imposed on those who disregard the instruction. Those who refuse or obstruct an inspection may receive a fine of up to 100,000 yen.

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Neighbors have sued professional shogi player Hifumi Kato, demanding that he stop feeding stray cats because their nighttime caterwauling causes mental stress.

Residents of the housing complex where Kato, 68, lives, also want about 6.4 million yen in compensation, according to the lawsuit filed with the Hachioji branch of the Tokyo District Court.

Kato admits feeding a stray cat and kittens that live in the garden of his housing unit. He said the cats would have died if he had not fed them and that he had tried not to trouble other residents.

I feel that this is really unreasonable, just like what Hifumi Kato has said, if he hadn’t fed the cats, the poor cats will die of hunger. I feel that rather than just placing a ban, they should do something to help the cats, or else isn’t this equivalent to eradicating such animals. And people who feed these stray animals are the ones with compassion, why should they be stopping people from doing some good?

In Singapore, around my neighbourhood, I do still see stray cats around and I have never heard a complaint about them. And there’s never a ban on feeding them too.

So I really hope that this ban will be lifted or changed somehow for the sake of these animals.