Giant poster…

This Hollywood remake of the classic anime Dragonball, directed by James Wong, will be on the big screen on April 8, 2009.

Here is the trailer released on December 10, yesterday, named “dragonball evolution”.

After watching the trailer, I must agree that the graphics and computer effects look really cool and “transformer-like”. Like many others, I feel that this movie may really be a big flop.

There are many reasons. Firstly, I feel that the actors potraying the charcter does not bear high resemblance to the original character. Bulma does not have blue hair and master roshi has a head full of hair. Piccolo isn’t green. What’s the problem?

Secondly, I feel that it will be really difficult to reach the high expectations set up by the fans. We expect a lot from this movie, as we really adore the original series.

Thirdly, i feel that the storyline isn’t really convincing, the whole  movie set up is in a modern era. Goku, a high school kid searching for the dragonballs. And Piccolo, what is his motive in finding the dragonballs. To destroy the world as in the trailer or for immortiality like in the anime? What about super saiyans, is the movie going to explain the origins of goku? I think fans would prefer the movie to be more closely related to the anime and not so “twisted” and different.

Well, at least there is good news for us fans that is J-pop diva Hamasaki Ayumi will be recording the theme song of the movie. The name of the song is “Rule”.

Hamasaki Ayumi