I hate my school. Well, what should I say? other secondary school students can enjoy the whole two months of holiday with no homework at all.  I feel that  my holiday had just only begun, because I in an Integrated Programme School was deprived two weeks of my holiday. In other words, because my school does not have any “O” level students, we are not given exactly two months of holiday. In fact, my holidays started two weeks later compared to normal secondary schools.

 I hate it, it is stupid and it is unfair. I have also noticed a trend, in eery pile of holiday homework given, chinese homework would definately be present. This time, I am required to write 11 pieces of chinese composition.

Time really passes by quickly, and now there is only 3 more weeks till school reopens. Now, even my parents are giving me the pressure to do my homework, they just keep nagging…

Okay, although I will still continue to watch anime, I will probably start on the homework in a few days’ time.