Do I have a sleep disorder?

Do I have a sleep disorder?

Well, later in the afternoon, I will be heading to Singapore General Hospital. I will be staying there for a night. The reason being I will have to be observed by the doctors there.

Do I really have a sleep disorder? My answer is “I really dun know”. My mother says that I have been “sleep-singing” for the past 8 years, ever since I started primary school. I am not aware of it, this proves that I am in a deep slumber at night. I have no problems falling asleep, and I don’t snore, I don’t wake up several times at night, in fact I sleep all the way till morning. I have no problems breathing and my throat does not feel dry in the morning. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I certainly do not take sleeping pills.

Yet, my mother insist that I go for a check up, saying that if I don’t get treated of this problem soon, I will cause a big problem when I go for national service. Really, I think she is worrying too much. She described to me how I “sleep-sing”. She says that in the middle of the night, I would often make “yeh……..” sound. She says i would drag the noise for about 5 minutes, then I would stop. She says that it is so so loud that she can hear me in the other bedroom. Come on, 5 minutes is really short, at least I don’t snore and make loud noises that would wake everyone up. In fact, my mother is the only one who heard it and woke up, my sister and my father did not hear any noise and they continue sleeping. (p.s my father and sister snore..)

For this check-up, I have to stay at the hospital for one night. I wonder how the doctor would observe my sleeping. Do they pluck wires into me/

I feel that this check-up is all but necessary. It’s a waste of money. I will say the cost SGD$510.00 !!!

Imagine how many figures I can buy with that amount of money. I want that money!!! And what if the doctor’s report show that I am perfectly fine, then I would feel so cheated and so angry with my mother.

I will have to reach the hospital in the afternoon, then wait till night for the test. So I will need to kill time, I probably bring my manga that i bought yesterday and also my PSP with FF9. So I will be heading out soon…

I will take some photos of my single-person ward. Haha!