Now for something that is unrelated to anime…

Today afternoon, i went for my ‘once a week’ badminton beginners class. I am really just an amateur when it comes to badminton. I am not good at sports, and I did not had any contact with badminton before. Well, I was not given any chance. When I was still in primary school, I was pretty attracted by badminton, however when I wanted to join badminton club in my school, I was rejected by the school coach because of my height. I was really short then, at least shorter than the average kid of my age. Therefore all my hopes and dreams of playing badminton were crushed. For the next 6 to 7 years, the word ‘badminton’ was missing from my “dictionary” of my mind.

And just a month ago, my mother told me that she had signed me up for a beginners badminton course (12 to 16 age group). I was reluctant at first, as I had no special feeling towards badminton now. “What a waste of time and money!” That was the first thing that came to my mind. I was not totally against playing badminton but I just felt embarrassed due to my age. A fourteen year who is not able to play badminton, what a big joke! I was worried that i would probably be the oldest person there and yet the weakest badminton player. I told my mother that I did not want to attend any badminton class, I put on a strong front and persisited on my decision.

Yet my mother has the greatest authority in the household. She insisted that I MUST go, and I had no choice but to listen to her bidding. So much for my pride and without me knowing, the day has arrived…

Last wednesday, the first lesson, I arrived at Clementi Sports Hall. my mother had already prepared everything . She bought me a racket ( I did not know when she did it) . I walked into class, not knowing what to expect. I saw the coach, he was an old man. Thankfully, he does not look stern. I turned my head and scanned across the whole court for my classmates. Wow! They look like my age, teenagers. They seem to know how to play badminton.

The lesson started and it’s realy the beginners class. the coach taught us how to hold the racket and how to swing it. After some theoy, we did the practical. Strangely, i manaed to hit the shuttlecock easily. Slowly as I played more, I felt that the racket became lighter and I could hit the shuttlecock with ease. Even I am surprised with myself, it was my first time holding up a racket. Maybe badminton isn’t as hard as it seems. I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed the whole first lesson and I wanted more. My attitude about badminton changed.

Today was the second lesson, the coach taught me how to smash as well as block shots. Today’s lesson was probably more enjoyable as I played with more understanding as well as a better attitude. I feel that I could improve more and next time I would definately play better.

Maybe one day that would be an anime like Prince of Tennis, which is based solely on badminton. LOL

My racket is the ISOMETRIC 22 VF developed by YONEX.